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Art Supplies


Washington Supply also offers a range of painting and drawing supplies. For painters, we offer a variety of paints including Golden Acrylic paint and mediums, Williamsburg oil paints and Gamblin artist oil paints and mediums. We also carry a variety of paint brushes, brush cleaners, canvases, tracing paper, oil paper, and watercolor paper. Our drawing supplies include charcoal, Higgins drawing ink, and sketchpads.

We work closely with the Washington Art Association to provide supplies for their diverse selection of courses each semester.


Whether you need poster paper for an event (or a school project) or a selection of quality paints to complete your latest masterpiece, Washington Supply is happy to stock a variety of art supplies and to have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer any and all of your questions.

Have a question about the supplies we have in stock right now? Call us today! 

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