The original red barn (grey then) and loading dock.

A 1915 Joseph West photograph, courtesy of the Gunn Historical Museum. 

Trusted since 1893    Employee-owned since 2006

a brief timeline of our history

1893   Local farming families formed a "co-partnership" on the 20th of March
to open the Washington Feed and Supply Co.With five $500 shares, the initial
capital stock of $2,500 was supplied by:
         - H.O. Averill
         - C.C. Ford
         - C. H. and L. A. Mason (as one share)
         - E. Mitchell and P. G. Seeley (as one share)
         - S. B. Smith

1909   On January 9th, the store was incorporated. That year coal silos were
built and the store also began selling propane. A photo from that time shows the
main supply barn with "Flour, Feed, Coal, Lumber, Hardware" painted across it.

1917   Income tax returns showed sales for the year of $120,635.79 with a gross income of $13,035.54 and expenses of $7,890.41.  By contrast, today’s annual sales are over $7,000,000!

1920   Henry W. Seeley, son of founder Powell G. Seeley, ran the the store until 1958 when he became ill.

1922   In December, Standard Oil Company of New York sold the Supply 250 gallons of "Motor Gasoline" at 22 cents per gallon, for a total of $55.00. That same month, the Litchfield Electric Light & Power Company billed for 47 kilowatt hours at 18 cents, for a total of $8.46, less a 10% discount. And the phone bill amounted to $2.20. [Today’s
monthly electric bill runs around $1,175. And the phone bill about $500.]

1947   The Shepaug Railroad, which ran right next to the store, stops service. [See tracks in above photo at lower right.] Delivery of freight by railroad is replaced by trucking.

1950   The original two-story building was moved back 100 feet from Calhoun Street to make way for the one-story front addition. Although the store continued to operate during this period, the grand opening of the addition took place in May of 1951.

1955   The Flood caused $55,000 worth of damage to the store and its merchandise. Townsfolk pitched in to help clean up, and the store was open for business the day after the flood.

1956   Washington Supply, which owned many acres of land in the Depot, gave one-acre lots and sold more in the bargain to local folks who had lost homes or businesses to the flood.

1958   Henry Seeley retired and his son-in-law, Robert deCourcy took over, running the store for the next 27 years.

1960   Mildred Wright started working at the Supply. If you call the store today, chances are Millie will still answer the phone.

1971   Greg Seeley, representing the fourth generation of his family's stewardship of the store, took over as treasurer from his aunt, Helen Seeley deCourcy. After the sale of the Supply in 1976, Greg was general manger until 1983. Greg's son, Bryan, worked at the store for a couple of summers in the mid 90s while in high school, becoming the fifth Seeley generation to work at the Supply!

1973   Coal silos were torn down.

1976   The business was sold to Henry Paparazzo of Bridgewater, Curt McGann of Woodbury and Leon Farr.

1986   The store became computerized, making billing and inventory control more efficient.

1993   The Washington Supply Company celebrated its 100th anniversary with a two-day, town-wide celebration.

2006    On September 28th, 2006, Mr. Henry Paparazzo transferred ownership of the company to a group of current employees.  The group, consisting of Valerie Sedelnick, Jay Combs, Jim Bate, Tom Saunders and Bob Whelan was aided in the transaction by the oldest bank in Connecticut, The First National Bank of Litchfield (now Union Savings).

2008    May marks the opening of the "Green" house - a 10' x 16' demonstration house with a building integrated photovoltaic roof, a structural insulated panel, and other recycled or sustainable/renewable products used in it's construction.  It is the first
demonstration house of it's kind in a building materials company in the United
States.  May also marks the month of Washington Supply joining the United States
Green Building Council (USGBC), making Washington Supply one of the few building
materials retailers to establish membership in the USGBC in the country.

​2010   January sees the completion of the 14.5 kilowatt combined building integrated photovoltaic and solar thermal array with 4 different types of photovoltaic equipment.  This is the first such installation in the United States, and was completed by a collaboration between Washington Supply, Litchfield Hills Solar, Lenz Electric, Dawn Solar and JFS Custom Services.  The project was funded in part by a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

2012 - 2013  We expand the Outdoor Living Department, adding 900 square feet of retail space to the existing 1,600 square feet.  We also add 5 new storage facilities to keep our high quality lumber and plywood dry and snow free.  As our customers have told us, this is "the most important change we've seen The Supply go through"! 

One of our new lumber storage buildings. 

A 1924 lithographed promotional desk calendar. 

A view towards our unique photovoltaic array. 

A view toward The Supply during the 1955 flood. 

​2 Calhoun street (intersection of route 47 and 109)  washington depot, connecticut  06794

P.O. Box 384

telephone 860-868-7395  facsimile  860-868-2163  toll free 877-868-7395​

 open 7:00 am to 5:00 pm monday through friday, and saturday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.  

closed on sunday

Made 20 January 2014
by Bob Whelan.